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Cream Professional Food Technologies for 20 years, sets the trends of modern bakery and confectionery. You can find in our wide range of machinery, equipment and accessories, many well-known manufacturers. Our offer is addressed both to large plants producing on an industrial scale, as well as to small and medium-sized bakeries and confectioneries.

Cream Company began as a sole representative of the Austrian manufacturer MASCHINEN KOENIG, known for the world famous line rolls. Small business as with the initially modest facilities in the form of small offices and small living room, which presented examples of the device. In the fast-paced won the trust of Polish bakers and become a representative of many other global companies, such as. Rondo, Comas, Diosna or Jac.

Using the experience gained over the years and to meet the expectations of our customers we have made a key decision in the history of the company. In 2004 we built a new, spacious living room with a complex of modern offices, and most importantly – a bakery demonstration. With this investment, anyone interested can not only see the machines we offer, but also try them and see how they work. With this facility uses during the week a dozen people.

The needs of the market and the desire to further development have resulted in another large investment. In the vicinity of Katowice, and exactly in Prudnik, it was a modern hall and warehouse service. The new company facilities significantly increases the availability of machines and allow professional customer service for service. So this is another place where you can check the machine before buying, and the waiting time for the ordered equipment is reduced to the maximum.



Cream Profesjonalne Technologie Spożywcze Sp. z o.o.
ul. Kolejowa 17
40-706 Katowice
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E-mail: cream@cream.pl
 Cream Serwis Sp. z o.o.
ul. Prężyńska 38a
48-200 Prudnik
Tel. +48 77 436 27 21
Fax +48 77 436 27 21
E-mail: serwis@cream.pl