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  • Cramming machine horizontally – stuffer model DI

    Stuffer company COMAS Model DI independent cylinders, was designed for the stuffing of different shapes and lengths. It is suitable for creams such as cream, jam, syrup, chocolate, etc.

  • Cramming machine vertically – stuffer DP model

    Stuffer vertical model DP company Comas for machine with independent cylinders for filling products in trays.

  • linie-prod-cukiernicze-rzemieslnicze

    Cutting table

    Folding, wrapping, filling, decorating, cutting, die cutting: use RONDO to produce an endless variety of cakes high quality – easily and without limiting the space. Rolling machines and cutting tables perfectly complement each other. Together they form a craft production line. On the cutting table you can cut the ribbon of dough into different shapes. At the same time, you can block rolling out the dough on a sheeter. This saves time and increases productivity.

  • depozytory zebatkowe

    Depositor DLV

    Depositor piston DLV has been designed to meet the modern demands of the food market, chich is constantly changing and requires better and better, universal solutions

  • depozytory tlokowe

    Depositor DN

    Depozytor DN firmy Comas to model bardzo uniwersalny. Nadaje się do indywidualnego użycia a także może być włączony do linii produkcyjnych.

  • ceres linia

    Line Ceres 2.1


    The world’s first line of bread-based divider, which weighs the dough in a electronic, not divided by volume.

  • Line for pan bread DRB – Rye Bread

    Comas is pleased to introduce a new machine for liquid Rye Bread mixed dough, difficult to process. Specially designed device dispensing rye bread, suitable for dispensing, portioning with high accuracy a large range of different products, such as fruit pies, pan bread or gluten-free bread

  • Line for pan bread DRB400 – Rye Bread Mini

    Comas is pleased to introduce a new machine Rye Bread Mini to automatic dosing dough forms, rye bread, wheat-rye, grainy, multigrain, etc.

  • croissomat

    Line Pastry Croissant

    Croissomat SCM is ideal for the production of unfilled croissants.
    With a well-designed to detail, you produce repeatable with a regular shape, the size and weight of pastries. The ideal pastries ensure consistent quality of your production.

  • curl more

    Line pastry Curl&More

    With the powerful Curl & More, you produce fi lled and unfi lled croissants and many other curled pastries in a fully automatic process.

    • for filled and unfilled croissants and many other curled pastries
    • for laminated and non-laminated doughs
    • 2,000 units per row per hour (maximum 12,000 units)
    • between 2 and 6 production rows
  • linie produkcyjne cukiernicze uniwersalne

    Line pastry Polyline

    Compact line for processing dough with mobile guillotine and modern control system.
    Folding, wrapping, filling, cutting, die cutting: use the Polyline to produce countless types of dough quality – easily and efficiently.

  • starline

    Line pastry Starline

    Line Starline – modern concept combines high quality and high performance with ease of use. Starline is the pastry line for heavy, the production constant. Robust and easy to use line has exceptional performance and trends in line with the hygiene rules.


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