Line Certo Pan M is based on a completely new system of creating the dough band. guaranteeing maximum precision scales without waste, thanks to the rules rotation. In order to avoid discontinuities and irregularities added to the dough rotates the drum. Using an oscillating knife, rotating the dough forms a continuous web of dough.

  • Description

Product Description

Main features:
– Dough yield up to 600 kg / hr.
– Maximum capacity of 7,500 units / hr. (Rolls square) or 6,000 /hr. (Rolls round)
at work 5-row
– Feeding the dough with integrated floating unit
– The creation of a continuous web of dough using a funnel rotating and oscillating knife
– Interchangeable cutting rollers to change the number of rows
– Usable web width of dough approx. 240 mm
– Regular dough pieces with high accuracy due to the weight of a continuous web of dough
– Easy cleaning thanks to large doors for maintenance
– Easy operation: PLC and touch screen



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