The small machine for the production of pizza bases, from very small to really big, from thin to thick. Compact Pizzolo, is the ideal device with which you produce the base of the pizza. Pizzolo is easy and safe to operate. You can set all types and sizes of pizza base quickly and precisely: small, large, thin and thick. Pizzolo is made of stainless steel and is easy to clean.

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Product Description

Perfectly round pizza base with only two hand movements. Light formed the dough into flat, manually put between the rollers. Power System provides optimal safety.

The shaft must be set to the desired thickness. In the first pass, an oval dough piece is wywałkowany. Piece of cake is rotated 90 °, then manually put back into the machine. A pair of rollers is automatically adjusted to wywałkowania appropriate thickness.

Perfectly round pizza base is finally ready. The settings will remain unchanged. All other bases are equally consistent in terms of size and thickness.


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